[opensource] Re: [opensource-announce] MEETING [10/2] : Introduction to Linux

richard hornsby me at rhornsby.org
Mon Sep 29 08:47:56 EDT 2008

> What is Linux
> What does Linux do
> Why is Linux better than Windows
> Who does Linux appeal to
> What are some of the advantages/disadvantages of using Linux
> I will also show off some of the features that you can only get with Linux.

Apologies if these things are already included in your outline.  A
follow-up to this presentation might be showing how easy a daily task
like OpenOffice is (remember to save the file as a word doc before
taking it to a lab or turning it in!).  This might include setting up
a printer to put that masterpiece of an essay on paper.  One place
where I can see frustration on the desktop (post-install) is
multimedia, especially when it comes to things like mp3s, DVDs, or
websites with mpeg/wma/quicktime content.  Firefox tries to be helpful
and suggest a plugin, but what happens when it can't or it comes up
with the dreaded "manual install" button?

Basically a "how can I easily do the normal things with this Leen-ex
that I can do with my Windoze computer?"  As you have correctly noted,
the target audience is already interested and things like "why linux
is better..." is thus an instructive discussion, but being able to do
typical day-to-day tasks is a good step toward encouraging adoption
for the desktop. :)


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