[opensource] emacs

Brian Swaney swaneybr at cse.ohio-state.edu
Fri Dec 11 02:01:41 EST 2009

There is a professor where I work who knows a LOT about emacs and may be 
interested in doing a presentation for us. He would like to know, 
however, what everyone's preconception is about emacs, and what people 
do (not) like about emacs and what they do like about other text 
editors. The professor has a 500-page manual on using emacs, and many of 
the commands can be quite short and simple while powerful. He may well 
perform regular expressions from emacs commands.

Can you please share whatever it is you all don't like about emacs, and 
what you like in your personal text editors such as vim?

-Brian Swaney
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