[opensource] best phone company

miles miles at milesgroman.com
Mon Dec 21 22:23:33 EST 2009

I always thought Verizon had the best coverage because it serves me  
well in Columbus.  A couple months ago, I was on top of a mountain in  
the middle of no where somewhere in New Mexico.  My phone did not have  
any bars, whereas my ex girlfriends sisters iphone had coverage.   
Another knock against Verizon, they like to disable features in the  
phone, such as wifi.  This is irrelevant because I believe you have to  
sign up for the data package (30 bucks) if you get a smart phone  
anyways, but even that could be seen as another negative.

If you are looking at a touch screen, go get an iphone.  Lets face it,  
just about any touch screen phone on the market today is an iphone  
knockoff.  I made the mistake of getting the Storm and it feels like a  
gimmick.  The Blackberry interface is very solid though and unless the  
iphone comes to Verizon in the next year, I would happily get another  

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