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Jude DuPart dupart.3 at osu.edu
Tue Dec 22 13:45:25 EST 2009

I personally have been using sprint for the entirety of my mobile phone life
(2003- Present) and have had no problems. The biggest issue I've had was the
house I most recently moved into got very low signal in our area (Verizon
also got very low signal, as I couldn't even force roam onto their network),
but sprint customer service was quick to remedy this and got one of their
AirRave Mobile signal boosters to me for free next day. Sprint customer
service has always been good to me and as far as i know they offer the
cheapest data included plan of the 4 big names.

Unfortunately. The Phone selection is kinda weak, and I personally still
haven't gotten around to getting a Hero -_-

On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 11:59 AM, Daniel Murry <murry.8 at osu.edu> wrote:

> I second just about everything Peter Dietz said.  I have had the Motorola
> Droid on VZW since Thanksgiving and absolutely love it.
> I waited for the right time to jump in on a smart phone.  The combination
> of Motorola, Google and VZW made me feel like this was the right time for it
> to happen.  It just "does" everything I want it to do, easily.  Take for
> instance, changing a song into a ring tone can be done in about three taps.
> From what I understand, iTunes must be used to do this on the iPhone.  In
> fact, doesn't iTunes have to be used to do all syncing on the iPhone?  I
> much prefer USB mounting to retrieve anything on the *removable *microSD
> card.  It's definitely a more dorky phone than the iPhone, but that's what
> it was advertised to be.  The Droid has NONE of the locked features that
> everyone else is complaining about on other VZW phones.  You can even use
> Google Voice to have free "VisualVoiceMail".
> In the past, I have had AT&T (2000-2002), T-Mobile (2002-2005) and VZW
> (2005-Current).  It would not be fair for me to really compare coverage
> areas at this time since each one has really expanded since I last had
> them.  I will have to say though that AT&T and T-Mobile used to drop a ton
> of calls when I had them.  T-Mobile DID NOT work inside my aluminum sided
> house on N. 4th St, when I had almost full service outside.  Similar
> experiences happened inside brick buildings, elevators, etc.  I think it is
> just the nature/wavelengths of GSM over CDMA.  Does anyone know for sure?
> I do find it laughable that anything other than an Android phone is being
> considered by someone in the open source club.  ;-)
> Dan Murry
> OSU Alum 2007
> On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 10:15 AM, Peter Dietz <dietz.72 at osu.edu> wrote:
>> I have the Droid on Verizon, and I love it.
>> First reactions were that if I "were a user" I would probably just want an
>> iPhone, for its smooth / easiness factor.
>> However, I'm an Enginerd so I love it even more that I can open a python
>> shell within the phone, write four lines of code, and I just created an app
>> that can scan a QR barcode, send the text to Google Translate, and have it
>> "robot speak" the output translation for me. Thats a thumbs up for the
>> Android platform and Google, not necessarily Motorola or Verizon. The
>> hardware is pretty good, the battery case falls off more than it should,
>> probably because the battery life is terrible, like full Christmas morning
>> "new toy" playing with it will drain the battery in about 3 hours or less,
>> so just moderate your usage to when you're around a USB port, or buy like 7
>> extra batteries to make it through a full day. Verizon coverage, I've had no
>> problems, on a shared plan its only about $50 (10VOICE + 5SMS + 5INS +
>> 30DATA), which is reasonable.
>> I believe the openness of the Android platform is truly contagious, as its
>> free for carriers, and free for Developers to easily make additions. And one
>> reason why there's currently 10,000 apps instead of 100,000 apps, is
>> somewhat a testament to the *nix architectural philosophy. Build a tool that
>> does one thing well (, and have it take parameters). Apps re-use the Barcode
>> Scanner app by passing parameters / getting output, instead of cloning it
>> for use in their app. I expect Android to continue to have phenomenal
>> growth, with speculation of perhaps 50 new phones running Android in 2010.
>> So your choice will continue to get better as time goes on. (to speak
>> nothing of carriers).
>> If I were not in a contract for the next 22 months, I would be looking
>> hard at the next move by Google. Maybe they'll name the Nexus One, the "Dark
>> Fiber".
>> On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 12:22 AM, richard hornsby <me at rhornsby.org>wrote:
>>> Just saw this on /. ... anyone considering VZW might want to rethink
>>> it if this is the type of BS they're going to shove down customer's
>>> throats, and then pretend it was such a great thing.
>>> "Verizon has unilaterally updated user Storm 2 BlackBerries and other
>>> smartphones so that their browser search boxes can only be used with
>>> Microsoft Bing.
>>> The move is part of the five-year search and advertising deal Verizon
>>> signed with Microsoft in January for a rumored $500m."
>>> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/12/19/verizon_snuffs_google_for_bing/
>>> I would say that the VZW "suck factor" just went up - if for no other
>>> reason than forcibly removing, without consent, the user's choice.
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