[opensource] Printing files from the command line

Daniel Zeleznikar zeleznikar.2 at osu.edu
Fri Feb 6 23:37:50 EST 2009

It seems that Paul has a good idea, though wouldn't the printer have to be
configured for use ahead of time with oowriter then? I was under the
impression that our computer had not been set up currently for printing
through applications, and to ever print that we had to send .ps files with
the lp command.

Anyway, the following link describes how to use a python script and the
openoffice engine to convert many common formats to pdf, including docx with
a call from command line:

And somewhat unfortunately, the office 2007 suite is very functional and
good looking. Sometimes I really wonder how they could ever land on ms
songsmith after such success... but I suppose they are trying right?

On Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 11:19 PM, Brian Swaney <swaney.29 at osu.edu> wrote:

> The winner is _Paul Betts_. I am ashamed that the "man" command never
> occurred to me, in my favorite note-taking program even. Now might be a good
> time to mention that OpenOffice 3 will cover the DOCX requirement, so I
> believe this ticket should now be marked as "resolved".
> -Brian Swaney
> Paul Betts wrote:
>> I know that you can print files from the command line using 'lp' command.
>>> But doing so requires a file to first be in ps format. I also know that
>>> using 'pdf2ps' will convert a pdf file into the proper format for
>>> printing.
>>> But what about printing .doc, .docx, .anything_other_than_pdf  formatted
>>> files?
>>> My thought was to use the following algorithm:
>>> (1) convert file to pdf
>>> (2) convert pdf 2 ps using pdf2ps
>>> (3) send to printer using lp
>>> (4) Delete pdf and ps file (if not using pipes to pass things around)
>> Oh, you kids are adorable:
>> $ man oowriter
>> ...
>>       -pt printername filename...
>>              Prints the given files to the printer printername and
>> ends. The splash screen does not appear.
>>              If the file name contains spaces, then it must be
>> enclosed in quotation marks.
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