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Timothy Normand Miller millerti at cse.ohio-state.edu
Fri Feb 6 23:53:10 EST 2009

On Feb 6, 2009, at 11:20 PM, Brian Swaney wrote:

> Aaron Joseph wrote:
>> I meant ugly, actually. They completely re-did the interface to  
>> make it look like Vista. I don't like the appearance of Vista (or  
>> speed, or... anything) and released along-side it I don't suspect  
>> that logo up at the time where you find all your menus is really  
>> that great. I don't like what I've seen of it,
>> I guess that's just a matter of opinion. I personally feel that the  
>> one thing that Microsoft got right when they made vista was the  
>> look. It's still nowhere near as sexy as anything you'll get from  
>> apple... but compared to xp or 98, Vista is far more visually  
>> appealing.
> Indeed it is... I don't like the Apple GUI either, but I appreciate  
> that (a) some people like the eye candy and (b) it simplifies things  
> for people. I like things simple and with few unneeded animations,  
> so I prefer a Gnome-ish desktop; that is my opinion.

One area where Apple's GUI excels is in some of the very subtle  
affordances that people don't notice.  For instance, the window with  
focus gets a drop shadow.  In a way that you almost completely miss,  
you have no trouble telling which window has focus.  Experienced users  
tend not to need these things, because they have adapted.  But Apple  
has put a lot of thought into making things work that you don't have  
to adapt to.  I'm not going to say it's perfect.  I have my laundry  
list of complaints about the Apple UI, but each one has its good points.

One thing I have to say about UIs is that the new KDE rocks.  For the  
longest time, GNOME and KDE were playing catch-up, mostly with  
Windows.  I kept wishing that they would at least copy some stuff from  
Apple too, but even better would be to actually innovate and develop  
some of their own concepts.  Well, I think they've done some of that  
with KDE4.  It's brilliant.  The one thing I can't figure out is why  
they use window decorations that clash so badly with the rest of the  
theme.  It just doesn't fit.

>> I don't like Vista, and therefore I'm not going to go and spend  
>> several hundred dollars on Microsoft's newest version and discover  
>> everything you say is great about it when OpenOffice, at a much  
>> lesser price, does everything I need of it, including (with a plug- 
>> in) edit PDFs.
>> Pay for software?!! Do people even still do that? You can get any  
>> software for free if you ask around. Speaking of which.... does  
>> anyone have a CS4 or Adobe Audition key?
> I'm not into censorship or anything, but did you seriously just post  
> that on the Open Source mailing list? That risks getting the mailing  
> list shut down, among other things including giving our club a bad  
> name. I'm sure I'm stepping out-of-line here, but you're  
> representing the entire Open Source Club, and that gives us a bad  
> name, however much we hate the DMCA or software patents. There are  
> other people who read this list, including the CS&E staff who manage  
> the server the list is on (one faculty advisor, for example, not to  
> mention names...). At least it's legal to use OpenOffice for free,  
> and it's open source. It also runs on Linux, much unlike Microsoft  
> Office, which (as far as I've seen) doesn't support the formula  
> editing native to OpenOffice. My solution to extortionately-priced,  
> DRM'ed software? I just don't use it. If they want to water down  
> their software with that sort of garbage, I won't use it, and they  
> can't sue me into poverty for that (yet).

Note that as college students, we have totally legal access to a lot  
of commercial software for free.  I went to the SoC lab and asked for  
a license to WinXP Pro, and voila, I got one.  Want CS4?  Ask SoC and  
ask OIT.  At least one of them will have it and can give you free  
legal use of it for at least a year, depending on the product.

Timothy Normand Miller
millerti at cse.ohio-state.edu

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