[opensource] Printing files from the command line

Razvan Lupusoru lupusoru.1 at osu.edu
Sat Feb 7 00:47:28 EST 2009

It seems that the software is cheaper directly from Microsoft than through
the programs here at school.

Office Ultimate 2007 is only 60 dollars. I think it is an extra 13 or so for
the disk.

Razvan Lupusoru

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Timothy Normand Miller wrote:
> Note that as college students, we have totally legal access to a lot 
> of commercial software for free.  I went to the SoC lab and asked for 
> a license to WinXP Pro, and voila, I got one.  Want CS4?  Ask SoC and 
> ask OIT.  At least one of them will have it and can give you free 
> legal use of it for at least a year, depending on the product.
I do not believe Adobe Creative Suite X is on that list. I know this because
I took a class on Photoshop/Flash and we were required to pay $700 for Flash
or $800 for Photoshop if we wanted to work from outside the labs. Many less
commonly-used Microsoft products as well as most versions of Windows are
available for free to CS students, and additional software is available
campus-wide at http://osusls.osu.edu/. 
Office 2007/2008 is available through a Microsoft contract at a discounted
price of under $100.

You can use all of this software in question, of course, in most computer
labs on campus.

-Brian Swaney

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