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Wyatt trent.arms at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 16:11:31 EST 2009

Well, isn't *this* a rousing conversation.  Not going to bother quoting
because it all unfolds rather naturally with the application of basic

First, I'd like to mention that OneNote is the one piece of software
Microsoft has written in years that has no good alternative and is actually
decently-thought-out enough that I would rather like to use it.  Pasting
images to it?  That's the best you can do? ;)  The name's the real kicker.
The point of the system is to be a distributed thought dump and
organizational tool.  Add notes to it as you find anything that needs a note
(if you preface a thought with "I should", "I want", "I need", "I'd like",
"I have to", or "One day"; it needs a note).  Link notes to images, video,
audio, and documents then group them and add semantic information for
database lookup.  If anyone knows of something that can do this on Linux, I
should certainly like to know about it; whoever came up with that needs a

As for the *rest* of the modern Office suite, I think it's a travesty.  It
is quite possibly the worst user interface I have ever had the misfortune of
attempting to navigate.  Extreme modality and obtuse hiding by category.
Add to that the massive inconsistency that I can only call the "wait, that's
a clickable button?" and you have officially surpassed Blender in terms of
things I will never willingly touch.  Does it even have consistent hotkeys
(let alone configurable ones)?  As I recall it still does hard UI locking on
dialogues, too.  It's clunky, unpleasant, and takes up far too much of our
already limited screen real estate (and that's just Word).  I politely
decline; Jef Raskin is rotating in his grave rapidly enough that we could
generate electricity from the carcass.

For the more top-brass inclined, I'll note the following:  Like it or not,
being among the leadership of an organization is not unlike being a
politician.  You are placed in a position where you are watched with some
amount of scrutiny.  A position where your words have inordinate weight.  A
position that, no matter how much you would like it to not be the case, your
personal actions can adversely affect the organization and its perception at
large.  I sympathize, believe me, but am also going to have to say you
should know better than to flippantly use words loaded like that.  It's
better to hold your tongue than to tear it off the frozen pole later.

As for the mini "my-OS, your-OS" contest that surely *isn't* brewing among
some people in this thread, please, just stop.  If you haven't realized by
now (some of you having been involved with Free and open source software for
years now), no person has the same needs of their hardware or software.
Here let me isolate that on its own line.  In bold.

*No person has the same needs of their hardware or software.*
*This is huge.  To make any sort of argument against what someone has chosen
to use as an informed and well-rounded individual is hubris.  Nothing less.
Or have we really sunk to the level that we're willing to violate a person's
Freedom to advocate for Software Freedom?

I propose it be in the best interest of everyone involved that we allow this
conversation to steer away from those matters of propriety and of paying for
software for now.

Wyatt Epp
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