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Neal Kostanski neal at kostanski.net
Sat Feb 7 20:05:17 EST 2009

Nice thread guys.

IMHO; the 3 quarters of RESOLVE is not about the language. It is about
developing your brain and internal logic. The faculty is turning the
gray matter in the students head; which arrived usually looking for sex,
beer, and pizza; into highly tuned neural pathways. It is part of the
development of critical thinking. I don't think the language used really
matters as each has its own pluses and minuses depending on the
application it is used to perform. It is all about developing the
student. It is all about developing the problem solving skills which you
will use the rest of you life.

Best Regards,
Neal Kostanski

Aaron Joseph wrote:
> The problem with resolve is that you're required to take 3 quarters of
> it... and then after that it's worthless to you. It would be more
> meaningful for students to learn a useful language for 3 quarter since
> the same underlying concepts can be applied using any language. What
> other CSE classes is resolve useful for? Maybe in 560, but java I
> think java is a way better language to use in that class. You
> shouldn't have to learn a new language in order to take the rest of
> your CSE classes. I'm not saying that java is the ultimate language,
> but in my eyes it is far more useful than resolve.
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