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Aaron Joseph bonesawosu at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 01:09:16 EST 2009

Correction... Brian Swaney pretty much nailed my point. I posted his
comments below. They were sent before my last email, but to a different
thread so I posted them here. You probably already got his email once, but
if not then look below because it's a good one.

I'm just super happy that someone finally gets what I'm trying to say :)

--Aaron Joseph

I have the opposite problem, in that I entered without knowing any
languages. I wanted something to start with on my personal computer, but
didn't know any languages that weren't confined to school servers running
decade-old operating systems. It's not like I could put RESOLVE onto my own
computer or anything.

For the record, I do support most of the RESOLVE principles. My only 2
problems are that they are effectively wasting 3 quarters of undergraduates'
time by denying them access to actual usable programming languages. For the
same reason many programmers who start with .NET languages have difficulty
with other languages such as C++, it is difficult to move from RESOLVE to
another language if that's the only one you know. A more useful means of
teaching the course would be to teach it in a language that would be useful
to know.

Also, the specifications are not very readable. While I appreciate the need
to document the input/output of your libraries, and to use the same
"contracts" for future implementations and thusly prevent the need to
rewrite the entire kernel for one extension, the psuedo-mathematical syntax
used is often less readable than the code itself. If they want us to use
their style, they should make a point of how it simplifies programming by
making their documentation readable. I claim this can be done without losing
preciseness if done carefully, and is much easier. The current
specifications actually (for me) make RESOLVE harder, but maybe that's just
me. I've left feedback multiple times, both verbally, and in course
evaluation forms, but I get the feeling that the RSRG is closed-minded on
how they teach the series.

-Brian Swaney
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