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Aaron Joseph bonesawosu at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 08:52:10 EST 2009

I'm replying to shauns message in this thread so that we dont have 3 threads
floating around.

RESOLVE/C++ is definitely not C++. Not even close. It just happens to be
built in C++. RESOLVE is about using those cryptic math definitions that
brian mentioned, which is somehow supposed to help people understand what's
going on. It's just a stupid concept to try to make something more
understandable by adding these math definitions as comments. And they really
push this idea as if it's useful. That's why I want to see some java pop in

As for taking 421 or 459... ECE majors don't take language courses. We take
221,222,321,560,660 and that's it. So resolve is a waste of time to me. If
they used pure C++ then I'd be totally fine with that too... but the
bastardized version they use doesn't cut it.

I'm happy that at least Brian gets what I'm talking about. The class would
be so much better if the same stuff were done in java and if they got rid of
the whole math respresentation thing.

--Aaron Joseph
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