[opensource] Help A Guy Recover His Lost Laptop

Ian Shortridge ianshortridge at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 10:06:07 EDT 2009

i work for student life IT. If you gave us the MAC, the first time he logged
in it'd all be over.

On Sat, Jul 18, 2009 at 2:07 PM, richard hornsby <me at rhornsby.org> wrote:

> > >From reading I am pretty sure that he knew where the person lived.  It
> > was just proving to the authorities that the person actually stole the
> > laptop.
> If you suspect that the thief is also an OSU student, consider talking
> to the OSU network security team (Steve Romig's group in OIT).  Have
> available a copy of the police report, your public IP address (the one
> assigned via DHCP by the ISP).  Your router's MAC address won't be
> terribly useful, as only your local ISP will ever see it, but have it
> handy anyways.
> They used to be able to use the POP3 logs to associate people with IP
> addresses.  With the recent changes to the mail system, I'm not sure
> where that stands.  They may not do anything without specific
> direction from the investigating agency, but they may be able to
> assist you in other ways.  You could try calling the generic OIT
> helpdesk (68)8-HELP first, but I doubt they'll be of much use.
> -rj
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