[opensource] Re: Constitutional Meeting This Thursday [6/4/09]

James Dinan dinan at cse.ohio-state.edu
Mon Jun 1 14:15:31 EDT 2009

Hi Alek,

When I brought the club back together several years back I also took a 
good hard look at the constitution and I didn't agree with all of it at 
first.  The constitution is very permissive and loosely defined and I 
thought maybe we should have some more structure to better hold the club 

The constitution as it is now is several generations old and was written 
this way to bring together open source hackers who disagreed on 
everything from GNU vs BSD to which linux distribution to use to Gnome 
vs KDE and so on.  There has been massive convergence in the open source 
world since the time we first incorporated but I think it's important to 
keep that spirit of creativity and unconventionality.

The constitution most likely doesn't prevent you from doing something 
what you want.  What I found was that I was most concerned about what 
would happen after I handed the club over to someone else and that's why 
I wanted to make changes.  I'm glad I didn't because it left others free 
to be creative with the club and to do things I hadn't anticipated.

I came to understand that the constitution is part of our heritage that 
gets passed from one generation to the next.  The university doesn't 
really care what we write there, it's mostly for us.  If you do find 
gaps in the constitution, I would suggest amending what's already there 
or adding to the bylaws using the process described in the constitution.

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend since I am out of town on an 
internship.  Could you please post any proposed changes to the mailing list?

Best wishes,

Alek wrote:
> This Thursday, June 4^th , the Open Source Club leaders for the 
> 2009-2010 school year will be discussing changes for the following year. 
> All club members are strongly encouraged to use this opportunity to give 
> their feedback about how the next year should be run.  Our main focus 
> will be issues with the current club constitution and the changes that 
> need to be made.  It has become obvious that revisions need to be made 
> and that a redraft may be in order to handle some things of bureaucratic 
> nature.  Bring your ideas to the meeting involving anything you think 
> needs to be added/revised/removed and they will be discussed and voted 
> on by the club as a whole.  Comments have been enabled on the website so 
> if you are not able to make it to the meeting, but would still like to 
> have an impact on the legislative process, feel free to travel over to 
> the Constitution section and leave a comment with your ideas.  This is 
> an important meeting for the future of the club so I would please ask 
> that those members who are able to make it this Thursday to be in 
> attendance.  The meeting will be in Dreese Labs room 317 at 7:00 PM.
> Here's a link to the club constitution:
> http://opensource.cse.ohio-state.edu/constitution
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