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Future PyOhio attendees,

We've released a prospectus for PyOhio sponsors at

We have some good leads on sponsorship - but we need your help in
finding more!  The quantity and quality of food we can provide at
PyOhio will depend 100% on how many sponsors we find.  Just as
importantly, sponsoring companies can encourage their own employees to
attend and raise the profile of PyOhio in general.

Do you know of area companies with an interest in Python, or in
cutting-edge programming in general?  Better yet, do you have personal
contacts in any of these companies?  (One personal contact is worth a
hundred company names - without a specific person to get in touch
with, emails sent directly to a company's general address are likely
to go straight to the spam folder.)  You can circulate the prospectus
among your contacts yourself (there's a PDF version at the top of the
page), or tell us the contact information at
pyohio-organizers at python.org.

One of the challenges, in our area, is that most companies haven't yet
embraced Python as one of their official development languages.
Uncreative companies may simply respond, "We don't use Python," and
thus believe they have no interest.

Smart companies, however, understand that one-language drudges don't
actually make very good programmers - that the best programmers are
the ones who love to learn, especially learning languages as fun and
stimulating as Python.  That's how programmers become excited,
creative, motivated, productive.  That's why even companies that don't
use Python now need the people who love to learn Python.  See if you
can help them understand that!


- Catherine
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