[opensource] Re: [opensource-announce] Vim! [11/17/2009]

Paul Betts paul at paulbetts.org
Tue Nov 17 23:05:49 EST 2009

Here's how I learned Vim, if anyone else is looking to continue
learning it after the meeting on Thursday (and you all should, as it
is the One True Text Editor) - print out a copy of
http://www.viemu.com/vi-vim-cheat-sheet.gif, and tape it to your desk
(or to the side of your computer if the computer is on the desk next
to you like mine is). Then force yourself to use it for everything -
the first week will suck, the 2nd week you'll be okay, and after that
you'll hate using anything else. Also, an essential component of Vim
is using exuberant-ctags - look it up and understand how it works, and
you'll get back anything you missed from Visual Studio's Intellisense.

Paul Betts <paul at paulbetts.org>

On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 3:17 PM, Alek <rollyson.3 at osu.edu> wrote:
> This Thursday November 19th, 2009, at 7PM in Dreese Labs room 266, Daniel
> Thau will be giving a presentation on how to wield the mighty power of Vim.
> He will give an overview of the history, origin and explanation of vim, a
> brief comparison to Emacs, as well as basic and advanced usage of Vim.  Some
> of the features he will be presenting include q-recording, window
> splitting/tabs/buffers, advanced copy/paste buffers, line completion, some
> cool ex commands, and other more advanced stuff most people don't know/use.
> Come join us and learn how to better use this awesome text editor.
> As always, there will be free pizza!
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> Alek Rollyson
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