[opensource] Important: Read before posting

Matt Meinwald meinwald.1 at osu.edu
Tue Nov 24 19:42:47 EST 2009

This message was meant to be posted on the website, but not on the 
mailing list.  I'd like to clarify what we've been working on with this 
synchronization and what it means for mailing list and website users.

Basically, messages posted on the mailing list will also be posted to 
the "Mailing List" forum on our website and vice versa.  This enables 
people to see mailing list messages without having to sign up for the 
mailing list, thus reaching out to a larger audience, and let's people 
post to the mailing list through our website instead of having to write 
an email.

This does cause a few issues: what happens when someone posts on the 
mailing list who is not a member of the website, and what happens when 
someone posts on the website who is not a member of the mailing list.

Mailing list messages from unknown users get sent to a moderation queue, 
so if website users post to the forum, their message will be subject to 
review before they hit the mailing list.

Mailing list emails unknown to the website get fake users created for 
them.  The usernames of these are obtained from the From field of the 
email.  So signing up for the website gains you the ability to set the 
username yourself (and of course log into the website!)

I'm sorry for the extra emails you received as a result of setting this 
up, but it should be worth it to combine two previously unconnected 
communication channels.

swaneybr at cse.ohio-state.edu wrote:
> In order for this list to work properly, you must be registered on 
> both the website and the mailing list. Otherwise, your message will be 
> sent to the moderation queue. Please be sure to register on the Open 
> Source Club mailing list using the exact e-mail address you registered 
> with since Drupal will try to post using that e-mail address of your 
> account. Anonymous submissions are still under construction, but will 
> in the end land in the moderation queue for both the website and 
> mailing list.
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