[opensource] We Need a Linux Install Fest!

Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Wed Oct 28 21:48:40 EDT 2009

I would suggest a broader message: one that has immediate appeal to  
everyone: "get some free software for your Windows system!"

Give out CDs with OpenOffice, GIMP, Inkscape, various games (ioquake3,  
etc), Pidgin, etc etc etc.

If we focus on Linux, we won't draw as much of a crowd. Free (as in  
beer!) software is easy to explain, and provides immediate value to  
the recipient. We can then take a moment to explain free-as-in- 
freedom, and invite people to attend an open source club meeting.


On Oct 28, 2009, at 9:09 PM, Paul Betts <paul at paulbetts.org> wrote:

>> I do think this is possible we just need to start talking to  
>> people. I think
>> getting a room in the basement of the SEL right next to the  
>> Microsoft room
>> would be a great idea and a great way to spread the word. Also  
>> Brian Swaney
>> suggested that we could advertise or mention that we could keep their
>> Windows installation alone and install Linux side by side and let  
>> the user
>> have the option via the Grub bootloader.
> Make sure that you don't install Linux on people with Bitlocker  
> enabled, it will
> hose their bootloader - most people won't have it, but you *really*
> don't want any
> cries of "You broke my computer!!"
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