[opensource] We Need a Linux Install Fest!

Matt Meinwald meinwald.1 at osu.edu
Thu Oct 29 20:47:29 EDT 2009

Linux installers generally don't wipe the disk either.  I think he meant 
that there is no warranty covering lost files if something gets messed 
up.  I'm pretty sure if someone lost thousands of dollars worth of files 
installing Windows 7, they would not have standing to sue for those 
damages, which is the same situation as Linux installers.

Paul Betts wrote:
>> What I am wondering
>> is, if many students are aware that they should come to the Microsoft
>> Install Fest with a back up of their important files before hand because
>> Microsoft can't guarantee more than we can that their files will be fine
>> through the installation/upgrading.
> Actually, Windows doesn't format the disk when you do a clean install,
> it stuffs everything into a folder called windows.old. While it means
> your  settings are lost, all of your files are still there. I'm not
> sure why people still believe that clean install = disk wipe, even in
> XP we wouldn't blow away people's files. The only time that happens is
> if you use one of those janky OEM "restore discs", where they're too
> lazy and just image the drive.

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