[opensource] Announcement: Columbus Ohio Ubuntu Global Jam August 28th (Noon till 7 pm)

Michael Gilbert michael.s.gilbert at gmail.com
Fri Aug 20 10:19:55 EDT 2010

I am officially announcing the upcoming Ubuntu Global Jam in
Columbus Ohio.  It will be hosted at the Ohio Union at the Ohio State
University campus on Saturday August 28th starting at noon and ending at
7 pm.

The Ubuntu Global Jam is "A world-wide online and face-to-face event to
get people together to fix Ubuntu bugs - we want to get as many people
online fixing bugs, having a great time doing so, and putting their
brick in the wall for free software."  It's also a great opportunity
to learn about making contributions to Ubuntu (bug reports, fixing
bugs, packaging, etc.), and even simply learning new things about
computers and operating systems. See the official wiki for further


There is no preprepared agenda, and you can come and go as you please.
We will mostly spend time collaboratively working on issues affecting
the next Ubuntu release.  However, we will take breaks to have
discussions and answer questions.  So come prepared with things you
want to ask.  We can also do demonstrations on the fly if you have any
requests for things you want to learn how to do.

OSU has given us 20 temporary wireless accounts, so you will be able to
get on the net.

The event will be in the Great Hall Meeting Room #2 in the Ohio Union.
See map:


Just as a warning, parking is somewhat difficult at OSU.  There are
two garages right next to the Union, but they are a bit expensive:


You can also buy a ticket for $1/hour (for however many hours you
want), and then you can park in any of the student/staff/faculty parking
areas. There are little solar powered machines all over the place that
take cash and credit cards for that.

There is also free street parking once you get far enough East or South
of campus.

Please feel free to share this invite with anyone/everyone you know.  We
have plenty of space and are happy to work/educate at any skill level.

Hope to see you there!

Mike Gilbert
Columbus Global Jam Coordinator

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