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On 12/08/2010 01:45 PM, Brian Swaney wrote:
> The Electronic Frontier Foundation has posted a call to action
> <https://eff.org/r.5uT>, asking webmasters to post a button/link
> on their websites standing up against internet censorship. For
> those who do not know, EFF is a respectable non-profit organization
> that has long supported the open source community and academic
> research. They have made very important strides in areas ranging
> from defending security researchers who get sued by embarrassed
> corporations to successfully lobbying for a DMCA fair use exemption
> to make jailbreaking ("hacking") your cell phone legal. With the
> recent controversy and press surrounding Wikileaks and national
> security, there is a very real threat to making the internet in the
> U.S. centrally controlled, much like China, under the guise of
> "protecting national security" from sites like Wikileaks (or
> possibly thepiratebay.org).
> I feel this is an issue we need to decide on as a club. This is a
> very heated issue right now, which has the potential to reach well
> into our region, whether it be censoring the next AACS master key,
> taking down software projects the powers-that-be feel could be used
> to "support terrorism", or just plain anti-competition when the
> precedent inevitably gets abused, this may very well be the start
> of what will decide whether our internet access becomes akin to
> China -- everything we do being centrally controlled by one
> authority -- or whether we can truly continue to have free and open
> exchange of information. With 2 key bills, ACTA and COCIA, making
> rounds in Washington, and politicians looking to use Wikileaks as
> an example of why these broad-reaching powers of censorship are
> necessary, now is the time to make the decision.
> This IS a grassroots political campaign, which could be considered
> spam, or even out of line with the anti-bureaucratic policy of our
> constitution, so I'm posting this as an issue for the club to
> decide on as a whole -- it's not my website to make the decision. I
> feel that if we are to decide on it, as a club, we will need to
> decide quickly, even before our next meeting in January. This is
> quite possibly the kind of thing politicians can push through the
> house/senate on an extremely short timeframe, and could even be the
> basis for a new censorship law by the time we have another meeting.
> So, I created an online poll. Log in with your website account or
> register with your name.n at osu.edu e-mail address to vote. I
> apologize that this issue is introduced during finals week, a most
> inconvenient time to decide on such an issue, so the poll will
> remain open until Wednesday NEXT WEEK at 1 am. When the poll
> closes, I will tally the votes, and if the majority says yes, there
> will be a button pointing to EFF's campaign page on our website.
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