[opensource] DD-WRT bridge and OSU wireless

S James S Stapleton stapleton.41 at osu.edu
Mon Feb 22 11:00:35 EST 2010

I wasn't sure where to go for assistance on this one, and I figured since my 
question involves a popular open source app, and an OSU network, this might 
at least be a good place to check. I doubt 8-help covers DD-WRT bridges 
since they aren't in the web documentation.

Does anyone have experience using a router with DD-WRT installed as a 
wireless bridge to the OSU network? I have a router (ASUS WL5200GC) that I 
got DD-WRT on, and the firmware is "v24-sp2 10/10/09 micro". The set up 
seems ok. I can navigate through the web interface, it asked me to set a 
user name and password first logon. However, there are many options in the 
setup not listed in the howto page. I was hoping, if someone had some work 
done on this, they could share it. The documentation seems to indicate 
needing a lot of knowledge about the server setup for the wireless router 
you are connecting to. My setup doesn't work right now. I'm testing 
someplace where wireless is rarely used, and I'd like to have this 
configured before I go to some place it is used a lot, so I don't 
accidentally interfere with someone else's wireless connection.

What I've tried so far (??? indicates things I'm suspicious about). <This 
indicates a configuration page>, [this indicates a setting I've entered]
<wireless->wireless security>
Security Mode: [WPA Personal[
WPA Algorithms: [TKIP]
WPA Shared Key: [] #???
Key Renewal Interval (in seconds): [3600] #???
??? Should I enable MAC RADIUS client, since some setup guides mention using 
<wireless->basic setting>
Wireless Mode: [client]
Wireless Network Mode: [mixed]
Wireless ssid: [osuwireless]
Sensitivity Range (ACK timing): [500] #2000 is the default, WIKI suggests 
using 0 on a bridge except for long distances.
Network Configuration: [bridged]
<setup->basic setup>
Connection type: [DHCP]

-Jim Stapleton 

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