[opensource] DD-WRT bridge and OSU wireless

S James S Stapleton stapleton.41 at osu.edu
Mon Feb 22 14:24:35 EST 2010

> So, here's a question - why does James even want to do this? What's
> the problem that he's trying to solve, and can he solve it in a less
> suspension-inducing way?  Also, DD-WRT bridging is very janky and
> usually only works between two identical routers.

I've sent several replies and none of them have shown up.

The summary:
1) The wireless on my notebook is dead (no matter the position of the 
switch, it says the wireless connection is physically 'off'). I will *very 
likely* need wireless in about two weeks (OSU wireless). During that two 
week interim I will also need my notebook, so I can't send it to get it 
Potential solutions: Wireless Card, Wireless Bridge.
2) I will likely not need the wireless card again, unless something breaks. 
This I could see myself using again for other purposes (like at-home 
wireless, if I chose to set that up).
3) I have only had bad luck with wireless and FreeBSD or Linux. If the 
bridge supported what I need, it would be fine in FreeBSD or Linux, since I 
only need the wired LAN driver, which hasn't been a problem for any system 
I've had in ~8 years. Unfortunately, when I will need wireless on these two 
operating systems, there won't an internet connection accessible except 
through wireless (and I'll be a couple hundred miles away), so if I have any 
trouble setting it up, I wouldn't be likely to find help.
4) Actual RJ45->wireless bridges that I've found cost around $80 to get 
something decent, whereas routers that can be DD-WRT'ed cost around $30 
(hence my decision for a router to act as a network client, rather than a 
dedicated bridge device)

So, yeah, I can get a USB or PC Card adaptor for Windows, and have my 
problem solved. I was just hoping for a solution that would kill more birds 
with one stone, so to speak, and save some money.

-Jim Stapleton

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