[opensource] DD-WRT bridge and OSU wireless

Brian Swaney swaneybr at opensource.osu.edu
Mon Feb 22 14:35:49 EST 2010

I think this is too complicated of a solution. Why not just buy a USB 
wireless card? That would be easier and more portable, plus it would not 
tick off OIT. You could spend hours trying to fix DD-WRT, only to have 
your account blocked and your work be all for nothing.

Also, this not only makes OIT mad, and enables other people who can use 
your wireless internet access to impersonate you, but it exposes users 
connecting to your AP to a possible man-in-the-middle attack, which is 
part of why OIT doesn't like it. It's also potentially letting people on 
the network who don't have authorization to use it. I don't recall if 
it's specifically mentioned in the AUP, but I know OIT won't like it 
either way.

Brian Swaney
Open Source Club at
Ohio State University
Website Administrator

Paul Betts wrote:
> So, here's a question - why does James even want to do this? What's
> the problem that he's trying to solve, and can he solve it in a less
> suspension-inducing way?  Also, DD-WRT bridging is very janky and
> usually only works between two identical routers.
> A more reliable route is where you chain DD-WRT as a client of another
> AP (i.e. the DD-WRT router is both a client of another AP, and an AP
> with a separate name), but you lose port forwarding when you do this,
> and it still might not be kosher with OSU Wireless, since you're
> essentially allowing anyone to impersonate your identity.

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