[opensource] Creating New Open Source Project

A. Dennis adennis at ardware.net
Thu Feb 25 09:26:11 EST 2010

Good morning,

I have been working on a set of web based business tools, scheduling, 
payroll, billing, reporting, etc.
for a small company in the service sector.  It's extremely robust, but 
specific to this industry.
It could be expanded to other industries and could eventually be a very 
useful tool. 

It's based on Apache/PHP/MySQL/Javascript/jQuery and runs on an ISP in 
Texas.  The
company has used it for four years and is the backbone of their business.

I am currently exploring the option of releasing the code as an open 
source project and at the
same time expanding to more clients offering services for $$$.  I've 
been an open source user
and advocate for many years and want to see it thrive.

Has anyone on the list done anything similar and have tips for what to 
do, how to do it,
or is it even appropriate?  Do you know anyone who has similar 
experience.  Any assistance
will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much,

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