[opensource] Proposal for human language teaching web application

Brian Swaney swaneybr at cse.ohio-state.edu
Wed Jan 20 19:35:53 EST 2010

How compatible is it with Moonlight? Last I tried, I couldn't get 
Silverlight stuff to work because I didn't have "Silverlight 2.0" in 
Linux. Lots of good that did me.

Paul Betts wrote:
> I hate to be a corporate shill, but have you taken a look at
> Silverlight for your media player? http://smf.codeplex.com/ has a
> complete media playback library for audio/video (if you add my patch
> from http://is.gd/6Hqn2 that is), and is much more programmer-friendly
> IMHO than Flash - you can write in a sane language (C#) and still
> interface with the DOM / Javascript.
> *And*, you don't have to buy Flash to compile Silverlight, you can
> write your code in Notepad and compile from any Windows / Linux box
> using "msbuild SomeProject.sln" (PS: this applies to the desktop / web
> too - every Windows machine ships with *2* compilers in
> C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\<Version>", bet you didn't know
> that!)
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