[opensource] Hobbyist electronic parts?

Prashanth Ramesh ramesh.7 at osu.edu
Sat Jul 17 11:00:50 EDT 2010

First here's an article for company: 

And here's a store that I use for buying in person: 
http://www.esco-ohio.com/ It's not great, but better than the current 
stock of radio shack. I'd like to hear what other places are in columbus.

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Timothy Normand Miller wrote:
> Back in the 80's, you could walk into a Radio Shack and find it stock full of all kinds of little electronic parts.  Passive components, transistors, switches, bales of wire, connectors (both male AND female), soldering irons, you name it.  Now you can't find any of that anymore at Radio Shack, and we don't have anything like Fry's here, so I've resorted to Mouser and Digikey.  But sometimes it's not cost-effective to mail order one small component.  Does anyone know about stores where you can buy these things in the Columbus area?
> Thanks.
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