[opensource] Google Voice AJAX/POST

Brian Swaney swaneybr at opensource.osu.edu
Fri Jul 23 19:38:15 EDT 2010

Does anyone have experience with submitting forms using POST data?

A few months ago I subscribed to Google Voice, and it turns out they 
provide a widget you can place on your web pages such that a user can 
enter their name and phone number to "call" you, but never actually get 
your phone number (even your Google number). I thought it seemed pretty 
neat, except that the widget is a Flash object, and is not customizable 
in the least bit.

A Google search turned up an article 
detailing how the applet does nothing more than make a POST request, 
which you can do yourself with some HTML forms. He (correctly) suggested 
that you submit the data using AJAX instead of a regular submit button, 
because otherwise the user will be redirected to a page that says 
"ok=true", as I found myself.

Problem is, I can't figure out how to properly form the POST request. My 
script is at http://www.cse.ohio-state.edu/%7Eswaneybr/js/googlevoice.js 
and according to Firebug it goes all the way through without errors, and 
sends the POST request, but lists an empty response from Google. If I 
use the forms alone, with a submit button and no javascript, the call 
goes through and the user is redirected to a page that says ok=true, so 
I know it works, but using the AJAX method nothing happens. I think I 
might be forming the POST request wrong, but having never personally 
dealt with POST before today I have no idea what it is supposed to look 
like. Wireshark is out of the question because Google (wisely) uses SSL.

My request looks like
but that's obviously not working. Could somebody instruct me on how to 
form a proper POST string to pass into ajaxRequest.send(POSTrequest);?

Brian Swaney
Open Source Club at
Ohio State University
Website Administrator

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