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Michael S. Yanovich yanovich at cse.ohio-state.edu
Wed Mar 17 09:35:07 EDT 2010

Awesome, I will definitely be looking forward to that write up! I also 
like Tim's idea of having someone to try following the proper 
instructions on a Mac and then poking under the hood. I think this could 
yields some useful results. At least I think it would, I'm not very 
experienced with Mac's.

On 03/17/2010 09:00 AM, Brian Swaney wrote:
> It's funny that you mention wireless printing, because I JUST asked 
> Uniprint last night for the printer settings. There is an article on 
> getting Pharos printing to work at a different school here: 
> http://www.byui.edu/wireless/linuxprint.htm Basically, you set up CUPS 
> and print to the printers like any other printer, but you need the 
> settings (name, IP address, etc) for the respective printers before 
> you can do anything. The printer drivers from their website are not 
> going to run in Linux, even under wine. As soon as I get wireless 
> printing to work, I plan on publishing a how-to on our website. I am 
> waiting for a reply from them.
> Brian Swaney
> Open Source Club at
> Ohio State University
> Website Administrator
> Michael S. Yanovich wrote:
>> Lately I have found myself in a situation where I would greatly like 
>> to print from my laptop while at the Science and Engineering Library 
>> (SEL). I have come across this website at the University that details 
>> how to print via one's "Windows" machine or "Mac" machine, however, 
>> as many in the Open Source Club, I run Linux on my laptop. I tried 
>> following the Windows guides and installing them under Wine, however, 
>> I receive errors that Wine can't find a "spooler" service. I assume, 
>> since I haven't used Windows in a while, that the Spooler service 
>> does essentially the same things as cups does on Linux.
>> I was wondering if anyone had any experience with trying the 
>> "Wireless Printing" on campus? Or if anyone had any insight on how to 
>> adapt this service for Linux users?
>> -- Michael S. Yanovich
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