[opensource] Re: Trying for OSU wireless on Ubuntu 10.04 netbook

swaneybr at opensource.osu.edu swaneybr at opensource.osu.edu
Mon May 17 18:00:50 EDT 2010

What's different? What distribution and version of Linux are you running? At  
a glance it looks like they slightly changed a couple of things in Ubuntu  
10.04, but the only notable differences I can find are a few less certificate  
fields, that they added an "Authentication" field (set to "Protected EAP  
(PEAP)", and that they changed "Phase2 Type" to "Inner authentication" (still  
"MSChapV2"). Gnome's network manager tends to vary a LOT between different  
versions and different distributions, so it's kind of hard to know exactly  
what's wrong.

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