[opensource] possible talks

Daniel McEnnis dmcennis at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 19:18:08 EDT 2010

Dear OSC,

Sorry I couldn't make the first meeting.  Thought I'd let the group know
that I'm available for any intro talk that you might be interested in.  This
can be basic overview of the typical services in the run-level dialogs,
which are responsible for which services, and which can be turned off
without interfering with the rest of the system.  I also have experience in
firewall configurations sufficient to do an iptables tutorial.  I can step a
group through settings up their own Linux firewall with packet forwarding,
NAT, and associated iptables tricks to secure a home network.  I could also
do a basic ant tutorial for creating pure opensource-friendly Java source
distributions (i.e. importable into any development environment).  Let me
know if any of these strike your fancy and I'll get started preparing...

Daniel McEnnis.
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