[opensource] Video of the Wifi Hacking Presentation

Brian Swaney swaneybr at opensource.osu.edu
Thu Feb 17 17:10:24 EST 2011

Only users with kerberos accounts (SSH, e-mail, stallman, etc) will have
access to your /home/jfriedly/video-wifi-hacking-2.10.2011 folder. To
share among users with kerberos accounts, the convention is put things
in your /home/jfriedly/Public folder, and maybe run chmod a+rx on it. To
share with the whole world, you can put it in your public_html or WWW
folder, and it will show up at
http://opensource.osu.edu/~jfriedly/PATH_TO_FILE .

Incidentally, once the files are publicly accessible from the web, you
might even be able to embed the them on our website somewhere (not the
mailing list thread, PLEASE!) by selecting the "Full HTML" input format.
I haven't tried embedding non-Flash content on our website before, so I
can't guarantee it will work and I can't make any guarantees about it.

Brian Swaney
Open Source Club at
Ohio State University
Website Administrator

On 02/17/2011 03:35 PM, friedly.1 at osu.edu wrote:
> # Uploaded video of the wifi hacking lectures to stallman.
> # Currently it's in /home/jfriedly/video-wifi-hacking-2.10.2011/Camera/
> # Everyone should have access to read that directory, but I
> # can't write to the /home/ directory so I can't put it in
> # there. If someone wants to do that, feel free :)
> #
> # -Joel Friedly 

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