[opensource] Video of the Wifi Hacking Presentation

Brian Swaney swaneybr at opensource.osu.edu
Thu Feb 17 20:53:17 EST 2011

Video tags are regrettably not yet supported on our website. All
embed-related tags are passed through an input filter I'm working on
(http://opensource.osu.edu/mytube) for privacy and security reasons, and
until HTML5 is standardized I can't be 100% sure how to implement it in
this filter module. When it's standardized, and when the Drupal
administrator(s) actually get around to approving my CVS/GIT application
that has been sitting as "reviewed and tested" status forever
(go.osu.edu/mytube-drupal), then I will add it, and add HTML5 to the
whitelisted tags. The goes the same for audio tags, which I am actually
not sure how to implement since they won't have a width/height for a
play button.

Until such a time when these conditions are met, you can only use embed,
object, param, and iframe. I can prevent these tags from automatically
loading or making remote requests until you (the visitor) clicks to
launch them.

Needless to say, Joel can still embed these videos from somewhere else,
just as long as he doesn't invoke a Slashdot-like effect on our server
with a bunch of remote embeds.

Brian Swaney
Open Source Club at
Ohio State University
Website Administrator

On 02/17/2011 08:19 PM, Paul Betts wrote:
> *cough* Video tag *cough*

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