[opensource] RoR Developer

mishra.48 at osu.edu mishra.48 at osu.edu
Wed Jul 27 20:34:25 EDT 2011

Stealth Startup by current OSU students looking for a dedicated, freelance  
RoR + Javascript developer to build out the alpha, working version of the web  
application. We (current team of two) are looking to take it from an idea on  
paper to an actual functioning product. We are currently funded by VC, so you  
will be paid. Ballpark: $6k, may be higher or lower once we specify the exact  
scope of work. Timeline from idea to functioning product: 3-4 months. PHP  
knowledge a plus. We (current team) will handle UI, UX and Database  

Environment: We're a fun, dynamic team. This means that we'll meet informally  
around OSU; invite you to come brainstorm with us, meet clients, investors,  
advisors; and generally just act as a agile startup that creates a kickass  
product. The alpha you will build will be then used to raise A round capital  
(if this interests you, see our equity proposition below).

We are looking for someone who...
1. Has the experience with RoR/Javascript to build out a web application that  
involves integration with current social networks and multiple external  
2. Would be interested in staying long term to handle further iterations in  
exchange for equity in the company.

If interested and ready to work on this starting at the beginning of this  
upcoming year, simply reference this post and send an email to  
mishra.48 at osu.edu. Include: 1. why you're interested, 2. some background on  
yourself (major, year, etc), 3. resume and/or past relevant work experience  
(personal projects and/or actual internships or jobs).

We look forward to hearing from you!

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