[opensource] Who to talk to about integrating with OSU web auth?

Triest, Bill E. triest.1 at busfin.osu.edu
Fri Jun 10 12:36:24 EDT 2011

My apologize as I don't really know how much you know about central auth @ OSU.  I'm trying to over reference as it should help you and people who come across the archives.

Also, take this with a grain of salt as I had nothing to do with the clubs integration; I'm not really even affiliated with the open source club anymore (with children and a wife that works evening I can't really attend the meetings), so I really have no clue what I'm talking about.

Generally central auth at OSU is done through shibboleth (http://shibboleth.internet2.edu/ & https://webauth.service.ohio-state.edu/~shibboleth/) and there is a Drupal module for shibboleth (http://drupal.org/project/shib_auth)

Also there's a Drupal group at OSU (http://drupal.osu.edu/) They have a mailing list and hold meetings periodically.  They may be much more helpful once you have specific questions as I know they've helped others setup shibboleth with drupal.

Hopefully between the club members and the resources I linked to you can get it worked out.

Good luck!


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My name is Bart Kelsey, and I administer the OSU CCTS website, at
http://ccts.osu.edu .  I was a CSE student at OSU starting in 1996,
and I've been an employee here since 1999.  In my spare time, I run a
website called OpenGameArt.org that archives freely-licensed art for
use in FOSS computer games.

Anyway, I noticed that you guys are running Drupal 6, and that you've
integrated with OSU's web authentication system.  I'd like to do that
for the CCTS website.  Who do I talk to in order to set that up?  Does
it involve a custom module that's not on Drupal Contrib, and if so,
can I get a copy of it?



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