[opensource] For Wednesday (23 March): Central Ohio Linux Users Group presentation on Apache Hadoop, Map Reduce, HDFS and more

Jeff Frontz jeff.frontz at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 11:43:34 EST 2011

COLUG is meeting Wednesday (23 Mar) at 7:00pm @ TechColumbus

Giveaways include two Wrox books:
 * Design - Build - Run; Applied Practices and Principles for Production-Ready Software Development (Dave Ingram)
 * Code Leader; Using People, Tools, and Processes to Build Successful Software

> ==============
> Central Ohio Linux Users Group
> Date: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 from 7 PM to 9 PM local
> Meeting Presentation
> ==============
> Long-time COLUG member Tom Hanlon will present Apache Hadoop, Map
> Reduce, HDFS and more. As a platform for distributed computing written
> in Java, there is a universe of associated tools: hbase, hive, pig, or
> further afield, zookeeper. Tom's presentation will lay the groundwork,
> and attendee questions will drive the bulk of the meeting.
> Meeting attendees are encouraged to download a virtual machine with
> Apache Hadoop pre-installed:
>   http://cloudera-vm.s3.amazonaws.com/cloudera-demo-0.3.5.tar.bz2?downloads
> It should run in Virtualbox with perhaps a few hoops to jump through.
> Or one could grab an RPM install. Tom suggests psuedo-distributed.
> Instructions here for RPM or DEB based..
> https://wiki.cloudera.com/display/DOC/Installing+CDH3+on+a+Single+Linux+Node+in+Pseudo-distributed+Mode
> Or one could grab the tarball and install from there. According to Tom:
>   VM is easiest.
>   RPM or DEB next easiest.
>   Tarball is not so hard.
> The upcoming meeting is open to the general public, and all with an
> interest in Free Software, Open Source, Linux, BSD, Unix, and the like
> are invited.
> There are no dues or fees.
> =============
> The March 2011 meeting will be held at:
>  TechColumbus
>  1275 Kinnear Rd,
>  Columbus, OH 43212
>  http://pastoid.com/bxl+
> Check out the web site at: http://www.colug.net/
> Send administrative mail to: colugx at colug.net with any questions.
> There is a mailing list. For details see http://www.colug.net/mailing_list.php
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