[opensource] Freenode Cloaks

Michael Yanovich yanovich.1 at osu.edu
Wed Oct 5 05:34:28 EDT 2011


We have recently had our GRF-f ( Group Registration Form ) completed by
Freenode staff. We are now in the position to offer @osuosc/* cloaks on
Freenode in our #osu_osc room. To request one please contact me, 'yano'
on Freenode.

Before we start handing them out, there are a few small requirements:

* You must be a member of the club. ( See Article II in the club
constitution, https://opensource.osu.edu/about/constitution )

* Your nick must be registered with NickServ (required for the cloak to

* You must remain in our channel. If your nick is gone for an extended
period of time, without giving us notice that you are on vacation or
something has come up, your cloak will be removed.

* You also must have a history in our channel. ( ie: Hang out in the
room and participate in conversation before requesting the cloak ).

Here are a few important notes about the group cloaks:

* The Freenode Webchat will over-ride your cloak ( no matter what cloak
it is )

* The cloak will hide your hostmask or IP address only if you identify
to services ( NickServ ) before joining any channels or engaging in a
private message.

We are in #osu_osc on irc.freenode.net. ( IPv6 and SSL available )
More information about Freenode's servers at:

Michael Yanovich

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