[opensource] Python, Ruby, Perl knowledge needed

Dennis McNellis dennis.mcnellis at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 23:15:17 EDT 2011

We have a program called the Explorers, sponsored by The Ohio State

The membership is composed mostly of High School students that are
interested in Computer Science as a career. For example, the normal first
course for the students is a Beginning Unix course. Well, some of the
students that have been with the program a year (and more), have expressed
interest in learning Python, Ruby, or Perl. Open-Source members have been
involved in the program before, and I'm hoping someone here will be
interested in teaching one of these languages.

We meet Wednesday nights from 7:00pm-9:30pm at The Ohio State Hitchcock

If you are interested in hearing more, I'll try to fill you in, and if you
can help with teaching, it would be appreciated.

Dennis McNellis
dennis.mcnellis at gmail.com
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