[opensource] October COLUG Announcement

Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Mon Oct 17 09:32:08 EDT 2011

Followup-to: colugx at colug.net

Central Ohio Linux Users Group

Date: Wednesday, October 26 2011 from 7 PM to 9 PM local

Meeting Presentation
Scott Merrill will introduce Puppet, an operating system agnostic
system configuration management tool written in Ruby. Puppet uses a
declarative language to articulate the desired end state of one or
more computer systems, and then works to apply that end state in
whatever ways make sense for the target system's operating system.
This means that the same Puppet declaration can, for example, install
(or remove) packages on Red Hat and Debian systems, as well as
Solaris, AIX, and more.

Scott will cover the Puppet master and client components, introduce
the declarative language used by Puppet, and demonstrate a few example
configurations of increasing complexity. There will be ample
opportunity for discussion. Current Puppet users are encouraged to
join the discussion to share their experiences; and users of alternate
configuration management tools (Chef, cfengine, etc) are similarly
encouraged to participate!

The upcoming meeting is open to the general public, and all with an
interest in Free Software, Open Source, Linux, BSD, Unix, and the like
are invited.

There are no dues or fees.

The October 2011 meeting will be held at:
  Garden City Group
  5151 Blazer Parkway
  Dublin, OH 43017

Check out the web site at: http://www.colug.net/

Send administrative mail to: colugx at colug.net with any questions.

There is a mailing list. For details see http://www.colug.net/mailing_list.php

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