[opensource] Job Opportunity: Linux Systems Administrator at Nationwide

Patrick Shuff shuff.12 at osu.edu
Thu Oct 20 13:00:50 EDT 2011

Hi Fellow OpenSourcers!

My name is Patrick Shuff and I am a recent CSE graduate from Ohio State
(December '10).  Since graduation I have been working as a Linux Systems
Administrator at Nationwide Insurance in downtown Columbus.  We have a large
enterprise Linux footprint (all Red Hat and SuSE) with over 2000+ servers,
across three major architectures:  VMWare, Physical x86_64, and
 Our environment is highly automated as we are currently operating at higher
than a 200:1 server to sys admin ratio.  We do not do any system
administration with Windows, Unix, or VMWare -- we only manage Linux :)

Basically what we are looking for is someone who is passionate about Linux,
and open source in general.  You don't have to be an expert in any
technologies specifically, but have strong desire to learn linux and
supporting technologies.  Bash and higher level scripting is a plus, but not
required.  I personally do a lot of python coding at work, but we have some
people who are quite partial to perl -- whatever enables you to automate
things and get your (and our team's) job done more efficiently!

Instead of listing out all of the things that what we do, I will refer to
the Monster job posting below.  *The posting says that 7-8 years experience
is preferred -- please disregard that.*   Again, we are looking for
individuals that are excited about Linux and want to work with and build a
career from this awesome technology.   Ideally we are looking for a
candidate that will be graduating in the next few months, but we can talk
about that :)  This list is certainly not an exhaustive list of our duties,
but just some of our core responsibilities.  Feel free to contact me if you
have any questions!

Monster Job Posting<http://jobview.monster.com/Linux-Engineer-50111-Job-Columbus-OH-US-102966155.aspx>

Also, if you are not graduating within the next few quarters, *we are
looking to hire an intern for next Summer.*  It is a paid full-time
internship and you will be doing real work on real production systems.  The
intern program is great and I personally have interned 3 different summers
with Nationwide, two with my current team, and it has always been a very
rewarding experience!  It is a great way to get your foot in the door and be
exposed to many different technologies.

If you are interested in either a full-time position, or a summer
internship, feel free to either send your resume to me and/or post it on
Monster.  Again, if there are any questions, send them along and I will
reply as soon as I can!

Patrick Shuff
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