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Sean Whalen sean at seanpwhalen.com
Thu Aug 9 21:07:44 EDT 2012


I recently received my technician license, and I would love to help out.
I have neither the knowledge nor the finances to set up my own proper
station. the club I'm currently affiliated with has many members more
than twice my age, and  far more experience than I; many of their
conversations are over my head.  I would gladly help new hams get their
licenses, and learn along the way.

I have tried unsuccessfully to reach the W8LT repeater from Reynoldsburg
with my 5 watt HT. Is it still operational?


There are many well written open source applications for hams.
Unfortunately almost all package distributions are very out of date. I 
have started planning a project on Source Forge called Field OS
(https://sourceforge.net/p/fieldos/) to remedy this. I plan to use the
SUSE build service to build up-to-date packages for many distributions.
Once that is set up, I will use SUSE studio to build a Live CD for hams
in the field.

If anyone is interested in helping, please let me know.

73 de Sean Whalen KD8RIH

On 8/9/2012 8:09 PM, Brian Swaney wrote:
> Isn't there a ham radio club on campus? I would think sending our
> members in their direction for ham radios would be ideal for both
> parties, although we could certainly talk about it a little in one of
> our meetings. There seems to be a bit of overlap between the 2
> interests, so the topic would be welcome in our club, but it would be
> ideal in theirs.
> On 08/09/2012 06:55 PM, Michael Yanovich wrote:
>> There has been some interest among a few people in the IRC channel about
>> getting their amateur (ham) radio license.
>> I've been thinking about coordinating some type of informal meetings to
>> help those who don't have their license to study basic E&M and the rules
>> and regulations. The goal is to have those who are interested in meeting
>> up, take the technician exam together sometime in the next coming
>> months. We can make this last however long those who are interested want
>> it to. Preferentially my goal would be to have everyone interested have
>> their technician license by the end of the semester (December).
>> So, who all is interested in obtaining their technician license (or
>> anything beyond that)?
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