[opensource] 2012 Columbus Code Camp

Jeff Frontz jeff.frontz at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 15:27:37 EDT 2012

[whether you just want to rub elbows with other computer
professionals, find a good place to intern, or show your chops by
giving a presentation that'll land you a new job, check out the
Columbus Code Camp]

2012 Columbus Code Camp

We're organizing a code camp to be held Saturday, October 13th @
TechColumbus. What's a code camp? It's a community event (following
the Code Camp Manifesto -- see http://columbuscodecamp.com/about.html)
where developers learn from their peers. Everyone is welcome to attend
and speak.

The Code Camp follows these principles:
 - by and for the developer community
 - always free
 - community-developed material
 - no fluff – only code
 - never occur during working hours

Sessions will range from lightning talks to chalk talks to more formal
presentations. There will be a mix of presenters-- some will be
experienced public speakers, some may be making their first-ever
public presentation. We expect to see people from throughout the
region and beyond.

For more information, please visit http://columbuscodecamp.com

Potential Presenters

If you have something you're passionate about as a developer, please
share it at the Columbus Code Camp.
 - Have a php configuration hack you love?
 - Figured out a better way to debug linux USB drivers?
 - Found a way to navigate a Windows registry in lisp?
 - Got a one-liner shell pipeline that you can type by muscle memory?
 - Have a pattern you can't live without?
 - Figured out a better way to count story points with a .NET widget?

Sign up to share it!  Visit http://columbuscodecamp.com/speakers.html
and tell us what you'd like to talk about.

For more information, for sponsorship opportunities, or if you just
want to help out, please contact the Columbus Code Camp organizers at
cmhcodecamp at gmail.com.

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