[opensource] VM and Linux Workshop at U Kentucky

Rick Troth rmt at casita.net
Wed May 23 14:28:04 EDT 2012

friends --

As some may have heard ...
This year's "VM and Linux Workshop" is happening
June 28 (Thu) through 30 (Sat) at the University of Kentucky in Lexington.
Last year's workshop was held at OSU and was awesome.

To be clear, the focus is mainframe virtualization and Linux.
If you are working with z/VM or with "Linux on System z", this
conference is for you!  (Unfortunately, OSU shut down their z/VM system
just before the workshop last year.  Go figure.)

It has been called "150 system programmers with limited adult supervision".
The price is right, $100, and if you register by June 1st, you get a VERY NICE
UK polo shirt with the workshop logo.  Accommodations run the full spectrum
from area hotels to staying in campus dorms.  This is a very cool event.

Linux has been making in-roads to the company mainframe(s) for a decade.
Anyone doing intern work at the big shops has probably encountered "zLinux".
This conference is for Unix/Linux people who need help with mainframe HW.
This conference is for old mainframers who need help with Linux.

z/VM is where virtualization started.  (There will be a history session.)
(VMware, Xen, KVM are not excluded. They're just not on the session grid.)
This conference is for newcomers who need help using and learning z/VM.
This conference is also for mainframe VMers to hone their craft.
(And maybe learn to interface with KVM or Xen or xCAT or libvirt.)

We are also planning to hold a PGP key signing party.

The agenda is still being nailed down.
An early draft is on-line at the conference web site,

Be there!

-- Rick;   <><
'::1, sweet ::1'

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