[opensource] 2012/10/01 - Ham Radio Study Group Reminder

Michael Yanovich yanovich.1 at osu.edu
Mon Oct 1 16:15:08 EDT 2012

Tonight we'll be doing a review of several subjects we have already
covered and might dabble a little into some of the rules and
regulations. Fifty percent of the regulars who attend won't be able to
make it tonight (exams). (Excitingly we have possible reports of a few
new stragglers.)

As a reminder we have covered sections T3 through T9 and T0. The only
sections we have left to cover as new material are T1 and T2. We will
cover these last two sections on October 8th.

As always, please study and read through either the powerpoint slide,
books, or any other available material online. You should also start (if
you haven't already) taking online practice exams. One great site for
taking practice exams is, http://www.eham.net/exams/

If you are having trouble finding relevant material to study with please
feel free to contact me off list or on our IRC channel
(irc.freenode.net/6667 #osuosc)


I plan on starting more classes up in November and potentially trying
for another exam by OSUOSC and OSUARC before the semester lets out. This
is still in early planning stages and is subject to change.


COLVET's classes and exam are over. Their most recent exam was this past
Saturday morning at 10:00am.


We are planning on hosting our own examination in a couple of weeks.
More details about this can be request directly or at the Study Group
tonight, this is due to how the exam is being provided.

Also if you want to fly solo, other upcoming exams are:

2012/11/01 -- London, Ohio 43140-9999
Sponsor: MCARC (mcaroh.org)
Location: Madison County Engineer's Office
Time: 7:00 PM (Walk-ins allowed)

2012/11/03 -- Reynoldsburg OH 43068-3340
Sponsor: All Ohio ARES Conference
Location: Ohio Fire Academy
Time: 8:00 AM (Walk-ins allowed)

To keep an eye out for other exams coming up that might be posted at
last minute you can search http://www.arrl.org/exam_sessions/search for
local examinations.


If you have any questions about anything mentioned above, please feel
free to contact me (radio, IRC, e-mail, etc..).

Michael Yanovich

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