[opensource] New ham radio operators

Andy Whitacre awhitacre at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 00:04:42 EDT 2012

W8LT and OSU Open Source,

On behalf of the OSU Amateur Radio Club, I would like to congratulate
the participants in the ham radio technician license class/study
session led by Michael Yanovich, KD8RHR.  This evening, six
participants in the class took the technician exam, and all six passed
and will be receiving their licenses from the FCC.  Throughout the
class, their enthusiasm was impressive, and I am sure that this
enthusiasm will continue as they begin to explore this exciting hobby.

Current hams, please join me in welcoming these new operators to our
ranks.  Our airwaves are about to get a little more active.

I would especially like to thank Michael for initiating and ably
leading the class, even though he is a relatively new ham himself.  He
has made a great contribution to ham radio.

Once again, congratulations to those who passed the test this evening,
and I look forward to hearing all of you on the air.


Andy Whitacre, K8ARW
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