[opensource] Ham Radio Study Group Reminder

Michael Yanovich yanovich.1 at osu.edu
Mon Sep 17 14:19:37 EDT 2012

Tonight, 2012/09/17, at 7:00pm in Dreese 266 is our second Ham Radio
Study Group. We had a blast last week and ended up hanging around until
about midnight!

Last week we covered:

* T3 - Radio wave characteristics, radio and electromagnetic properties,
propagation modes
* T4 - Amateur radio practices and station set up

Tonight we are starting on:

* T5 - Electrical principles, math for electronics, electronic
principles, Ohm’s Law

and will push through as much as we can. Hopefully we fill finish T5
along with:

* T6 - Electrical components, semiconductors, circuit diagrams,
component functions
* T7 - Station equipment, common transmitter and receiver problems,
antenna measurements and troubleshooting, basic repair and testing

It seems that many people interested already have a basic understanding
of electricity and circuits. Anyone else who is interested that is not
familiar with these concepts don't fret! As many of us will be able to
explain some topics in various ways that might be less confusing.


Remember, if you are still interested in learning but can't make our
meetups, COLVET is holding a free classes this month as well:

(each class is from 6:00pm - 9:00pm)

Monday: 2012/09/18 at 5590 Karl Road Library at 5590 Karl Road,
Columbus, Ohio 43229
Wednesday: 2012/09/26 at Westerville Library at 126 S. State Street,
Westerville, Ohio 43081

The exam on 2012/09/29 at 10:00AM is at Whetstone Library (3909 N High
Street, Columbus, Ohio 43214)

Please remember to RSVP for the COLVET classes if you plan on attending

For more information about the COLVET classes please see their website:


We are not planning on doing the exam on 2012/09/29 as it seems it will
be difficult to have enough people to show up given the circumstances of
Ohio Linux Fest. In this case, after this was discussed last week, a few
members from The Ohio State University Amateur Radio Club and I are
going through the process to become VECs so we can administer the exam
ourselves to those interested in obtaining their Technician License.

No date has been set for an exam, as we will keep the classes going
until we have covered all material we feel is necessary to pass the
exam. (In other words, the Study Group is going to last longer than the
initially planned three weeks)

Michael Yanovich

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