[opensource] September Meeting Announcement

Rick Troth rmt at casita.net
Thu Sep 27 09:06:17 EDT 2012

Wow ... a big THANKS to Judd Montgomery and the others at Manta Media
for use of their facility ... and for the pizza!

Ethan Dicks for bringing his Raspberry Pi (as well as other
illuminating toys), which worked flawlessly on IPv6, and to all the
attendees for excellent questions and for filling in some of the gaps.

As promised, the slide deck is online at ...


 ... which is a geographically dispersed site thanks partly to IPv6.

   $ nslookup -type=any www.casita.net
   Name:   www.casita.net
   Name:   www.casita.net
   www.casita.net  has AAAA address 2605:4400:1:781:216:3eff:feb2:e7fa
   www.casita.net  has AAAA address 2001:4978:f:51d::2
   www.casita.net  has AAAA address 2604:8800:12b::1a

Imagine what you can do with an IPv6 tunnel at home!

With apologies to David Ihnen.  I went ahead and put the presentation
on IPv4 also for the sake of bootstrapping.

-- R;   <><
'::1, sweet ::1'

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