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Michael Benedict zosima at zosima.org
Thu Dec 12 17:05:43 EST 2013

I am one of the founding members of the club, and I wanted to share some of
my company's internship opportunities.  These represent the opportunity to
work on exciting technologies at a great company in an exciting town. I
encourage you to apply for one of the summer internship opportunities at
Tumblr by following this:  link

For your convenience I have copied the text of the posting from the above
link here:
Engineering Summer InternNew York, NY | Engineering

An aspiring software engineer who is currently pursuing undergraduate
studies and has already completed at least three (3) semesters of computer
science coursework.

*What You’ll Do:*

   - Real work! That’s right, you will be putting code into production. You
   will be integrated into a small engineering team working on a real-world
   - You will be building services to help our website scale, analyzing big
   data, or adding/enhancing site features used by millions users.
   - You’ll have to research, prototype, write and test your code to
   production standards.
   - Read, generalize and simplify technical solutions to solve multiple
   - Benchmark possible solutions and implement improvements to expand

*Teams You Might Join:*

   - Product Engineering: Using PHP and JavaScript, create new and improve
   site features that keep our growing millions of users doing amazing things
   with their tumblelogs.
   - Search Engineering: Research, expand and refine Tumblr’s search
   infrastructure and search features.
   - Platform Engineering: Write highly optimised distributed services that
   manage data and requests in real time, helping our site scale to billions
   of posts.
   - Infrastructure Engineering: Work hands on with the Network team
   configuring, deploying and maintaining JunOS network devices.
   - Mobile Engineering: Come work on the application that's putting Tumblr
   in millions of users' pockets.  A passion for IOS and Android is needed.

*What We’re Looking For:*

   - School and/or personal projects in relevant technologies, such as PHP,
   Java or Scala.
   - Proficiency reading and writing code, figuring out algorithms and
   collaboratively developing software.
   - Code samples in your Github (or similar) account.
   - A passion for open source technology and programming.
   - An eagerness to learn with Tumblr for a summer.

*Tools We Like:*

   - PHP
   - Scala
   - Java
   - Redis
   - MySQL
   - HBase
   - ElasticSearch & Solr
   - Linux

Tumblr is home to the most creative people in the world, and we’re looking
for equally inventive people to join our team in New York City. Get ready
to define the next generation of creative tools, and make beautiful ways
for our community to share, discover, and connect with the stuff they love.
We work in an open, positive, and collaborative environment at our
headquarters near Union Square. Founded in 2007, Tumblr has more than 149
million blogs and 67 billion posts made by passionate creators from all
over the world.
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