[opensource] Problem running wine under ubuntu

Orban, Christopher orban.14 at osu.edu
Thu Nov 7 14:20:08 EST 2013

Hi Xinyu,
               I'm using the default wine1.4 installation (sudo apt-get install wine). In my system32 directory I have a copy of ctl3d32.dll so I don't think the problem is from not finding it.
               Do you have any advice on installing wxWidgets? I couldn't find a simple explanation on google.

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Hi Chris,
Seems like the program you are trying to run is using wxWidgets library and it can't find ctl3d dll, have you tried install the wxWidgets wine version or copy related dll to your system32 folder?

On Nov 7, 2013, at 7:42, "Orban, Christopher" <orban.14 at osu.edu<mailto:orban.14 at osu.edu>> wrote:

          I'm a long time ubuntu user, and have a fair amount of experience getting things to work in that environment. However in all those years I've never had to deal with running windows programs with wine. There's one program in particular -- an interferometry data analysis toolkit -- that I hope to get working. I successfully installed wine in ubuntu 12 and did the usual "wine program.exe" from the command line but I always get a "wxWindows Fatal Error: Cannot register CTL3D". Interestingly the website for the program (http://www.optics.tugraz.at/idea/idea.html) warns that  on older windows installations there can be issues with the ctl3d32.dll library.
         Unfortunately I don't have the source code for the windows program. I'm just curious if someone else can reproduce the error and if there's something simple I'm not doing that could get it up and running. Anyway, if you can help me I'd be happy to put a shout out to you and the open source club in the Acknowledgements section of a research paper I'm working on with folks at OSU.
          thanks in advance,
          Chris Orban
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