[opensource] Nebula Internships

Joel Friedly friedly.1 at osu.edu
Tue Nov 19 14:40:24 EST 2013

The company I work for, Nebula, is starting to do interviews for
internships.  If you heard the stories from paradigm or I, you know
it's an awesome place to work.  Ping me if you're interested and I'll
forward your resume.

If you're not familiar with Nebula, we're a venture-backed startup in
Mountain View, CA and Seattle, WA.  We sell a box that can be plugged
into a rack of commodity servers and it will deploy an OpenStack-based
private "cloud".  OpenStack is a FOSS project that provides
infrastructure similar to AWS, with API compatibility for EC2 and S3,
feature parity for EBS, and a bunch of other useful services.


Feel free to ping me personally if you have questions; IRC works, but
gchat/texting would be preferred.

Best regards,
Joel Friedly

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