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Jeff Frontz jeff.frontz at gmail.com
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The Columbus Code Camp is a free day-long event (to be held Saturday, Oct
13 at TechColumbus <http://www.techcolumbus.org/>) featuring content
presented by and for the members of the central-Ohio software development
community.  Registration is open at http://bit.ly/2013-CCC-OSU-OS .

Code Camp sessions range from casual chalk talks to more formal
presentations. A mix of presenters is scheduled-- some are experienced
public speakers, some are new to giving a public presentation.  You can see
a list of presenters at

Code Camp sessions cover software languages, platforms (including
hardware), tools, libraries, theory, and practice -- basically any
software-related topic. You can see the list of this year’s sessions at

The Code Camp is a great opportunity to


   learn about tools and concepts, especially ones outside your normal

   share ideas and get feedback

   connect with folks from other industries and organizations

   interact with future colleagues, recruiters, clients, etc.

Code Camp registrants are from central Ohio and beyond. You can see who is
attending --- and register yourself -- at
http://bit.ly/2013-CCC-OSU-OS (admission is FREE and lunch will be
provided). TechColumbus is easily
accessible from the "Carmack 4" CABS bus stop.

For more information, check out
contact Jeff Frontz at
cmhcodecamp at gmail.com or +1 434 262 0213.

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